31 Januari 2013

Why Do I Write

we're getting old and a brain is not enough to keep all of them memories, so i choose to turn them into words. i write to read my past and to feel those wonderful moments again and again. i write because sometimes i can't say directly what i want to say. i write because i can find another world besides this world i'm living in. a more amazing world. i write because it's easier for me to put this thing in my busy mind into words than saying it out loud through my mouth.

i write to remember you. i write to feel us.

i write because i have photographic memory only for certain moments. i write because i'm a human and i want to feel what is it like to be a god, a creator of everything. i write to record sweet moments so can i taste them once more. i write because i want to meet you every time i want, even though you're not here, even though you're actually far away. i write because i have something to tell.

i write because i know you're a good reader.
no, no.. you're a perfect reader.

but i thought you would be a perfect reader to all of my stories. turned out that i was wrong. because i've been writing few stories about us and none of them you've read.

so, why do you read?

~ bara

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WeteKyu mengatakan...

Dear kak Bara..
U asking "why do you read?"

mgkin kalo aku jawab, "karna aku suka baca" itu rada terdengar klise. Walau kenyataannya memang demikian adanya. Bhkan tnpa sadar, kdang tak mengakui.

Kalo aku pribadi terlepas dr alasan "Karna aku suka baca" sesungguhnya bnyak sekali sub-sub yang mengikuti. Karna pada dasarnya, aku lebih suka membayangkan, berimajinasi tokohnya langsung. Membaca seperti melahirkan benih-benih imaajinasi.

Mungkin, sampe saat ini baru sebatas Membaca, belum smpai pada tahap "Menulis sepertimu".

(Aku : Termasuk orang2 diantara "U" dalam tanyamu)

Anonim mengatakan...

Why do I read?
I read to learn more, to learn anything about everything and everything from anything. I read to know many different worlds and see it through a different way. Expand my horizons to see the another stories from someone’s memories.
I read to know you, I read to see “us”
I also simply read because I can’t live without doing it. I need to, I have to. I read for a little “me” time, escape from my sometimes-boring-world. I love the surreal feelings when reading. I read to meet you through my imagination.
I read to imagine us.
I read when I can’t fall asleep. I read when I think its too much for thinking of you. I love to read you tho, even sometimes it ends up with nothing, oh at least I’ve tried.

why do I read, for the same reason why do you breath, write, or love someone maybe. When you can’t find the reason, just enjoy the pleasure.

: )

Prisca Jolanda mengatakan...

hmm keren kak kalimatnyaaaa..


Nadya Aulia Putri mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
kharis alimoerdhoni arief mengatakan...

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Fitri Octaviana mengatakan...

Why do I write?

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