A column by Bernard Batubara


Boredom comes.


Whatever you do, it comes. Sooner, or later. It comes at the point of comfortness. Have you felt comforted in your life? If you had, and you didn’t get boredom stood at the door of your thoughts, then you’re not a person who loves to be pushed back by a challenge.


But if you did see boredom stood in front of the door of your thought, you are a person who deserves the best thing in the universe.


Boredom is a sign of the boiling point of repetitive life. When you’ve repeated, I bet without any knowledge of your action, a certain activity, you’ll see boredom, walking to the porch of your consciousness.


When was the last time you did something for the first time?


The human brain learns. It can never accept repetition. The acceptance is boredom. That’s how a brain accepts the mundane of repetitive life. Life isn’t a repetition of activities, and should never be one. Life is the result of repetitions, the big bangs, but it isn’t in itself a repetition. I repeat, never in itself, life is a repetition.


Repetition comes as an occupation. You work every day. You repeat the same routine. You might love it, the first time you did it. But if you truly are a challenger, you won’t enjoy it twice.


A challenger never stops at the line of repeated routines.


A challenger begins again.


A challenger begins a new routine. And when the routine invites the footsteps of boredom, it swiftly reforms itself.


It will reform itself into a new routine and that’s the repetition in the life of a challenger.


The repetition of the ever-changing routine.


Are you a challenger?


I wish everybody is a challenger. The world will always be a perfect place to live if they are challengers. We’ll always have new technologies. There’ll always be new novels to read, the ones that new, not just the repetition of old ones because that’ll be the bell of the boredom. That’ll be the doom of life.


We don’t want it.


The evasion of this doom is an exceptionally nothing but a perfectly easy task. You do new things, voila, the doom is nowhere to be seen.


New things. That’s all.


When was the last time you did new things? If the answer comes to you easily, and the answer is just now, I’m here to congratulate your life. But if you need some time to reflects on your past months, finding none new, I suggest you hurry up, gear up, to do a thing new. Boredom is walking to the doorstep of your thought. And believe me, you’ll find a difficult time liking boredom.


Boredom speaks snail language. Extremely slow.


Not a modern person’s thing.


Human life has come to a point that it produces boredom. The repetitions of routines to produce whatsoever necessary through the commands of the owner of corporations has become the invitations of boredom, and this will not be a short term repetition. This will last forever.


We are the product of the revolutions, including one that we keep in mind as the industrial one.


Since then, boredom has been a regular invitee.


Worry not, another entity makes us what we are today, and we can rely on it because it helps us save our time, us as a modern person, that is impossible to waste even a bit second, to meet boredom at the door of our thought. That entity is money.


Let money be the helper to the problem of boredom.


Boredom isn’t just an invitee, it’s an officer, it asks us whether or not we paid our bills. In this very case, money is a perfect host in our humble home of thought.


Another perfect thing for us modern person who is inviter of boredom, is, unsurprisingly, to do a new thing and get money. That is the perfect thing because there are cases when perfection is nowhere to be found. Some of us are doing things that excruciatingly repetitive, that even though we got money, we still a doom maker.


Alas, there’s no new thing under the sun. But there’s a new way of doing no new thing. There’s also a new way of seeing and we call this perspective.


Perspective is the savior of mankind.


Perspective saves us from the doom.


Life isn’t a thing but a perspective. Through life we get perspective and through perspective, we live. It’s a cycle, and inside it, we breathe our sigh. A sigh that speaks the nonexistent of a challenge.


From this perspective, it’s now clear, that the very thing that has the responsibility to provide challenges for us, is ourselves. We mustn't allow us to subject this duty to another person but ourselves. It’s the ethic.


Let us ask ourselves, then, when was the last time we did something new? When did the last time we do what we wish to be done, using a new way of seeing?


Let us further advance the question, then.


When was the last time we challenge our perspective?


Boredom is an officer, not a guest. Its employer is our cognitive stage. The more we sharp our mind the stronger boredom will become.


Contemplating is the sole method to sail our life to the horizon of invincible happiness.


But in this modernity of life, is there a time to contemplate?


I’m sure there is.


The other word for contemplation is a review. There’s much time, enough to review our life.






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